Sense and Sensibility.

The palette of designs at Ilina takes from tradition, art, architecture, folklore and stories. Breathe in and..

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Every design is Conversation, Every design is a Story

A good design - we believe is sometimes a conversation, at others perhaps a story. Sometimes it talks to you and you talk back, you develop a relationship, sometimes, you just sit and listen to its mesmerising tale...

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At a Glance

Aesthetics @ Ilina

“Ilina is a celebration of a vibrant, young and colourful India – a light bling, a festive spirit adorns all our products – sitting on the drawing board our discussions surround not just functionality and beauty but how our products will make you ‘feel’ – the exercise is all heart, playful, happy and fun.”

“A sight bling in everyday, not too special but by no means ordinary is how we think – a spring in your step as your carry your bag, a sparkle on your wrist, a glimpse of sunlight on your everyday cup of coffee…”

“Our aesthetics isn’t new, except in its approach on how we use what, nature has a huge role to play, we have been particularly fascinated by the peacock…”

“and then there are elements people have reserved for clothes and buildings and we don’t think these distinctions should carry on like that, so our Mughal collection borrows from jharokhas of the old, we use meenakari, handloom, adda work and we adapt these techniques to suit our medium, a process both time consuming and intricate but highly rewarding in the end…. and then begins the matching, of jewellery with watches, bags with shoes and scarfs, imagination on the run, a whirlwinds of ideas, a little flair, a healthy dose of pride…”

“Fashion that is rooted in comfort, quality that is dependable, beauty that was an extension of all that you are…and when we think of inspiration, our nanis and dadis, the age of nakhra to our highly efficient mothers who were the pioneers in combining taste and functionality, the early unassuming crusaders of day to day feminism carried out with such endearing femininity, and our colleagues and friends who have become a synthesis of the journeys of times gone by and times timeless…”

“Some of our products are so delicate, an effortless royalty, our penchant got us experimenting with materials in unique ways, such as using the Mother of Pearl in watches…”

“A sturdy old gramophone record with a warm mother bag and a baby clutch, personification is the essence of relation, our aesthetics is an earnest effort at friendship – it balances on the dual wheels of beauty and dependability – if you find an issue with something we have made, do let us know and we will fix it.”

“One doesn’t merely wear clothes, or watches or jewellery, one carries one’s attitude or style, a personal statement if you may, Ilina was made to be your language to converse when you are too bored with words!”


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